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Standard Double Walk Gate

$ 424.56

Standard Double Walk Gate

$ 424.56

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Product Features:

Our walkway gate complement the classic fence. Small gates are used as walk-in while larger gates can be used to drive in vehicles if used as the main gate.

Does not include hinge and latch hardware.


FRAME: All walk gates will match fence panel styles and be framed with 1.5” x 1.5” x 14 gauge
square tubing mitered and welded.

HORIZONTAL RAILS - Rail members will be constructed of 1” x ½” x 1/8” (11 gauge) cold
rolled bar channel. Rails will be punched for picket pass-through and welding.

PICKETS: Material for the pickets will be ½” x ½” x 18 gauge square tubing.

PICKET SPACING: Standard pickets will have a 3.875” air gap in-between. Double or puppy
pickets will have a 1.56” to 1.69” air gap.

FINIALS: Finial tips will be 4” tall x 1” wide and are sand-cast from ductile iron with a safety ball
top as part of the casting. All cast iron finial tips will be welded to the picke

 Size & Dimensions:

Standard Double Walkway gates are available in 3' to 6' height and 7' to 12' width.


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