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Premium Backyard BBQ Pit

$ 2,199.00 $ 2,499.00

BBQ Smoker Grill Combo | Ironsmithery
BBQ Smoker Grill Combo | Ironsmithery Premium Backyard BBQ Pit Premium Backyard BBQ Pit Premium Backyard BBQ Pit

$ 2,199.00 $ 2,499.00

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We started on the drawing board of our 3D modeling software to come up with a pit that offers the engineering and sophistication level of an oilfield equipment. We calculated heat loss for different wall thicknesses, checked Geometric Dimensions and Tolerances (GD&T) and selected an insulating, high temperate paint to come up with the BBQ pit !!(WT$#%**?). That's what happens when you put an R&D engineer on making a pit, in a $48 per barrel oil patch that literally sucks as of today (June 2016). In oilfield if a hammer does not work, you find a sledge hammer. This is what we have done designing this pit. It is over engineered to last a life time with a quality to withstand years of use (and abuse). Your pit is constructed by 6G qualified welders (another over kill). We are using calibrated welding machine and constructing it in a building that has 5 ton overhead crane (though you don't need it to lift this pit). Even the temperature gauge is heavy duty all stainless premium temperature gauge (made in USA). The end result is a pit that can retain heat longer, offers features and durability that is unmatched in the industry.

Ironsmithery's BBQ Smoker Grill / BBQ Pits are made of 0.25" thick steel to minimize the heat loss. Our Premium BBQ Grills are made of heavier gauge material and hand-craft construction. Traditional BBQ pits use 1/8" thick material which results in huge heat loss. With time, the ash built up and corrosion eats away the thin material and your BBQ pit is as good as a junk in 2-3 years.In comparison our BBQ Smoker Grill Combo, BBQ Trailer Pit and Portable Grills are made like a tank with higher quality steel, thicker gauge and hand-made construction for details and finesse. 

Our grills weigh 500+ lbs. We use special high temperature insulating paint that will not only prevent heat loss but provide years of resistance against corrosion. Ironsmithery offers an iron-clad 10 yr warranty on their grills. These grills can take years of use and if properly maintained, will last a life time.

Our grills are 3x more expensive than what you can buy at your local hardware store. But we are confident, you will not be disappointed in quality and craftsmanship of our pit.

Free delivery within 150 miles of Houston TX (for a limited time only!!)

Farther than 150 miles. Don't worry, we will still give you $150 credit on your shipping price. Just enter coupon code SAVE150


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