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Ironsmithery offers several fence types to match the needs of your residence, farm or commercial building.

Wrought Iron Metal Fence is the most common fence. You cannot go wrong with style, durability and beauty of Wrought Iron Fence. Ironsmithery offers Wrought Iron fence as pre-made pannels or made to order. Buy online here or contact us for custom quote.

Wrought Iron Metal Fence Houston TX

Aluminum Metal Fence has gained popularity in past 5 years. With the advancement in high strength aluminum and cost efficiency, it has become much more affordable to use Aluminum in gates and fences. Aluminum Fences offers 2/3rd weight saving (weighs 1/3rd of steel). Such weight savings makes handling, installation and actuation very easy. We use special welding machines to weld Aluminum fences. Call us at 281.516.8166 to discuss using Aluminum for your fence project.

Safety Pool Metal Fence is a flat top and bottom horizontal rail fence where pickets do not extend beyond the top and bottom rail. Pool fence offers the security and safety around pools, ponds and water structure and is required by the law. Your local municipality or township will NOT approve your pool or pond without a safety perimeter around your pool or backyard. Ironsmithery offers iron pool fence in standard lengths for online purchase. We also offer custom quotes and installation service on ALL our products.

Safety Pool Metal Fence Houston TX

 Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are known for their ability to define property lines and enclose animals, as well as add value and protection to property. Chain link fence is an economical way to enhance appearance of your landscape while still offering the protection you need. Call Ironsmithery for custom quote of your chain link project.

 Chain Link Fence Houston TX

Residential Chain Link Fences
If you have a large acreage of simply cannot afford a metal fence, chain link fence may be the best option. Call us now and we will evaluate your situation to come up with an esthetically pleasing option for your fence needs using chain link fence.


Galvanized Chain Link Fences

Galvanized chain link fence is the most common, widely used chain link fence for commercial use. Galvanized chain link fence is durable, long lasting and affordable for creating a security perimeter around a large lot or commercial building. The ability to add barbed wire on top of chain link fence makes it more attractive for commercial lots looking for affordable security solution.

Vinyl Chain Link Fences
If you don’t like metallic look of chain link fence, vinyl coated chain link fence may be your best option. Vinyl chain link fence offers several color options over galvanized chain link fence. It is also an attractive option for using at your residence.
Vinyl Chain Link Fence Houston TX
Commercial Security Fences
Ironsmithery specialized in security fence for your commercial building. We can customize your chain link fence with custom panels, adding barbed wire or adding any time of gate for your commercial security fencing needs.




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