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Ironsmithery is a centuries old trade commonly called Blacksmithery or a trade of blacksmith. Today the modern world has created new technologies in forging, casting, material metallurgy and equipment. At ironsmithery we believe in completing your project with the same skill and artisan-ship of a blacksmith using anvil and clay-fired furnace. We use modern equipment to speed up production and lower cost but we keep in mind the quality and craftsmanship of centuries old blacksmith trade in every piece of metal we fabricate.


Our management team has move than 15 years of experience in welding, fabrication & engineering. We are based in Houston TX and have 8000 sq. ft facility with overhead crane to complete your project in the most efficient and timely manner. Our welders are tested at an independent lab for welding skill before being hired.


All our products have been design in Solidworks with CAD drawing for every part we fabricate. This allows us to streamline the production process and ensure quality in every piece of fence, gate & bbq pit we manufacture. On top of that, our company is ISO 9001:2008 certified to assure you of high quality standards we adhere to.

Call us at 281.516.8166 or email for your fence, gate & bbq pit project.



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